Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Fendi Fall Winter 2014 Bag Bugs 'Monster Eyes' Backpack

Below: Fendi Bag bugs are the rage right now... so these cute 'Monster eyes' backpack, first seen on the SS2015 Fendi Menswear runway, are equally fun to have around when they start becoming available this Fall Winter 2014!
 Below: Love those fun piercing eyes! Surprisingly, if you can settle for a canvas and leather version (unlike the leather ones shown on the runway)... the pricing for these backpacks are more affordable than you think!
Fendi Fall Winter 2014 Bag Bugs 'Monster Eyes' Backpack

I have been officially ‘Fendi Bag Bugs’ smitten! These ultra cute furry fashion critters are all the rage in fashion right now. Girls love it. Boys go gaga over it. Fendi has created a hot money making concept that puts them in the forefront of being the IT accessories to covet this season.

Guys have loved the bag bugs ‘Monster eyes’ version of the Mens Peekaboo...  and I have loved the Bag bugs charm that looked charmingly cute with the bag... Today I am obsessed with the backpack versions of those ‘piercing eyes’ range of accessories. Stealing the spotlight on Fendi’s men SS2015 runway... the monster eyes backpack is as cute and statement making as their Peekaboo cousin. And good news, they are starting to stock up this Fall. Colette in Paris has sold out on these:-(

Surprisingly the pricing for these backpacks are way more accessible than the mens Peekaboo (If you opt for these canvas and leather trim versions). Retailing for Euro 817 for the canvas/leather trim version or Euro 1417 for the leather and fur version... definitely a step down from Peekaboo’s higher price tag. This makes for another great option to buy into the bag bugs frenzy, aside from the bag charms. 

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Source: Colette, Fendi

Monday, 27 October 2014

Montblanc Writers Edition: Daniel Defoe

Below: Montblanc pays tribute to the author of one of world literature’s great epic novels and the father of realistic fiction, Daniel Defoe with the Montblanc Writers Edition: Daniel Dafoe Collection of writing instruments... Inspired by his famous literary work, Robinson Crusoe, the collection bears interesting details as depicted in this classic adventure story...

Montblanc Writers Edition: Daniel Defoe
 A Tribute to the Father of the English Novel and Creator of Robinson Crusoe

This Fall 2014 Montblanc pays tribute to the author of one of world literature’s great epic novels and the father of realistic fiction, Daniel Defoe. Not able to recall who this great writer is? How about refreshing your memory with the famous adventure story published in 1719, titled Robinson Crusoe? Now I am sure everyone will have heard about the story, one that vividly captures the ordeals about a castaway who finds himself stranded on a tropical island to face cannibals and mutineers.

Every detail of the writing instrument recalls the story of this brave character lost at sea, as masterfully narrated by Defoe in his novel. The shape of the writing instrument is inspired by the wooden paddle that Crusoe relied on in vain to escape from the island on many occasions. Precious resin was used on the cap and barrel to achieve an effect that captures the complex texture and colour of wood, a material that symbolizes Crusoe’s life as a survivor on the remote island, reduced to the simplest of things. Enhancing the appearance of the resin’s polished surface, the cap ring and cone are adorned with fine engravings typical of the 18th century ornaments that decorated leather-bound book covers of the time, including the first-ever edition of the novel.

Attention to details is impeccable in these Montblanc Writers Edtion: Daniel Dafoe writing instruments, even right down to the elaborately decorated feather shape clip, reminiscent of Crusoe’s most loyal companion on the island, the parrot Pol. This collection of Fountain Pens, Rollerball and Ballpoint Pens truly immortalises the author’s unmistakable imprint on world literature into a collector’s piece that exemplifies his prolific writing talent.

I forsee this will make a fantastic gift for any literary fans, especially anyone who are avid readers of Daniel Dafoe’s work. The Montblanc Writers Edition: Daniel Defoe collection of writing instruments is available in Montblanc stores now. Just in time for Christmas season!

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Source: Montblanc

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Gucci Fall Winter 2014 Ramble Reversible Tote

Below: This Fall Winter 2014 Gucci Ramble Reversible Tote is 2 gorgeous bags in one... with contrasting colours/ materials that makes your 'style investments' go that extra mile! I love duality in my fashion pieces:-) Comes in a variety of leather colours, even one with python skin... timeless design with great style indeed.

Below: Since I feel 'logomania' may be making a comeback... I vote for this version (below) which reverses from a gorgeous nut brown to GG monogram canvas... Love!
Gucci Fall Winter 2014 Ramble Reversible Tote

I am all for making my ‘style investments’ go that extra mile. Hence, any fashion item that has duality functions get my vote anyday. So today I am happy to report my latest shopping find that embodies this quality. Check out Gucci’s Fall Winter 2014 Ramble Reversible Tote which gets you twice the style power in 2 contrasting colours/materials for 2 bags with one price! I love the fact that Gucci uses very different hues to make the reversible function more distinctive and you truly feel you are getting a new style each time you flip the bag around.

Reversible fun not withstanding... the timeless and elegant design will ensure the bag stays relevant season after season. Armed with a shoulder strap as well, you can also have 2 ways of carrying... tote on hand or sling with shoulder. How perfect is that?

Since I sense an impending return to logomania... the Gucci Ramble tote in Nut Brown reversible to the GG monogram canvas (USD1750) gets my vote! I love the iconic monogram against the tan brown tone ... which makes it nostalgia chic amidst interchangeable styles. The light blue and tan version (Approx SGD3800 or USD2650) looks incredible as well... a warm and cool colour to suit any mood on any occassion. Made for women but the gender neutral design makes this a good contender for guys as well.

In Gucci stores in Singapore now. Go check them out. Leather is incredibly luxurious to handle:-)

Check out the collection in store or online now!

Source: Gucci