Thursday, 20 August 2015

Saint Laurent Mens Sac De Jour

Below: Boys, now you can officially claim the Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Bag as a mens bag! Read on to find out what's the differences between this mens version from the womens... (Pic source: Farfetch)
Saint Laurent Mens Sac De Jour Tote

With gender lines blurring in the menswear scene lately, the concept of assimilating popular women’s iconic bags into mens collection is gaining traction.

Fendi did a successful gender bending attempt to market their Peekaboo bags as part of the mens line. With tweaks to details to inject more masculinity and bigger sizing, the mens Peekaboo bag has now become a coveted bag for many male fashion fans.

Following closely, Saint Laurent is also leveraging on their gender neutral Sac De Jour (a womens design) as a mens bag this Fall Winter 2015. While Fendi mens peekaboo bag reduces the amount of bling bling metal hardware of the women’s version to make the bag more masculine, the mens Sac De Jour remains entirely identical to the female version with no updates on any details.

The mens version of Sac De Jour however do come in a more robust looking grain leather, a 39cm size and silver coloured hardware and branding. I guess the neutral looking shape and design of the Sac De Jour can already pass off as a mens design so that eliminates any need for updates. Point to note however, the early generations of the womens Sac De Jour do come in a 39cm size width (Height: 30cm, depth: 18cm) but was later dropped and shrunk to a 36cm width. Perhaps many women find it too huge and heavy at 39cm so the size was offered only for a couple of seasons. I did scored myself a womens version at that size, but mine comes with gold brass hardware which is always the preferred colour of metal details on womens accessories. In all honesty, I prefer the brass more than silver. It has more charm and warmth and looks great against black. 

Below: One subtle but noticeable difference between the mens and womens Sac De Jour is the silver brand stamping and hardware for the bag... a much visible grainy leather has also been used...


Below: I own a womens version from SS2013 season... with smoother leather and gold tone brass hardware... and back then, the sizing for womens version is 39cm width, same as the new mens version...

With this new released, another gender bending bag gets officially inducted into the mens wardrobe. Will you get this new Saint Laurent mens Sac De Jour? Retails for USD3490 at

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Source: Saint Laurent

Monday, 10 August 2015

Valentino Fall Winter 2015 Mens Colour Patchwork Backpacks

Below: Bold colourblock geometric patterns are the new graphic print to look out for this Fall Winter 2015 from Valentino! Check out those amazing backpacks:-P
 Below: With a sophisticated colour palette and sportive details, these boldly coloured bags feature leather patchwork and not printing to achieve the amazing design! More reasons to love...

Valentino Fall Winter 2015 Mens Colour Patchwork Backpacks

From regular camouflage to camubutterfly to camupsychedelic and graphic florals, Valentino has continuously unleash upon the fashion world, interesting expressions of colourful patterns time and again. For Fall Winter 2015, expect no less. This time Valentino has settled for bold geometric graphic in some of the most sophisticated and refreshing palette.

From the FW2015 runway, models were seen strutting down in parkas, sweaters, fur coats and most importantly backpacks in these extremely eye catching graphic pattern. The backpacks are a scene stealer with different coloured leather pieces stitched (not printed) to form the interesting pattern. Sportive details such as oversize all-black zippers add an urban cool to these backpacks. A big thumbs up! Retails for USD3340 on

Below: The colourblock geometric designs are prominently featured on Valentino's FW2015 Mens Runway presentation...
Source: Valentino

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Montblanc SG50 Exhibition: 6 Aug to 21 Aug 2015

Below: Montblanc Singapore invites all in Singapore to visit their SG50 exhibition from 6 Aug to 21 Aug 2015...

Montblanc SG50 Exhibition: 6 Aug to 21 Aug 2015

Singapore is just a few days away from celebrating its 50th birthday! Yes, the cumulation of the SG50 frenzy will climax on 9th August, our National Day... with colourful extravagant performances and parade to instill celebratory spirits and patriotism.

Many companies have launched initiatives to commemorate Singapore’s golden jubilee, including luxury fashion brands local and abroad. Montblanc Singapore is no exception.

Montblanc will be presenting the’ Montblanc SG50’ exhibition at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza Level 1 Atrium  from 6th to 21st August 2015. The exhibition opens daily from 10am to 9pm and will showcase the exclusive ‘Montblanc SG50 Limited Edition Collection’ comprising of a Star Classique Timepiece and Meisterstück White Solitaire writing instruments. The exhibition will also seek to raise awareness about autism throughout society with proceeds from sales of this limited edition collection donated to Singapore’s Pathlight School’s Poor and Needy Fund to help children with special needs reach their potential. Artworks by students of Pathlight School will be on display, helping both students and their families recognise the value of their talents and to give them a chance to have a dignified source of income.

Young visitors to the ‘Montblanc SG50’ exhibition can also participate in the fun interactive drawing activities based on the theme and inspiration of ‘Singapore, This is Home’.

If you are an instagram photography enthusiasts like me, you must also join the ‘Montblanc SG50’ Instagram Competiton and stand a chance to win precious Montblanc Writing Instruments! (For details of this contest, please refer to my other blog post here)

Montblanc SG50 exhibition definitely has something for everyone young and old. So see you all there from the 6th to 21st August!

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Source: Montblanc