Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Loewe Amazona 75 Extra Large Bag

Below: Under the stewardship of creative director, Jonathan Anderson, Spanish Luxury Label Loewe not only gets new branding, new packaging, new design director but even classics such as the iconic Amazona bag gets an update! Check out the new proportion of the new Loewe Amazona 75 Extra Large Bag...
 Below: The new Loewe Amazona 75 Extra Large Bag comes in the familiar suede and leather combination, as well as an embossed anagram leather variant... Love them both!
Loewe Amazona 75 Extra Large Bag

New creative director, Jonathan Anderson sure knows how to stir up some design shake up at Loewe following his stewardship. Not only has the anagram, brand identity and packaging been revamped... even the iconic Amazona bag have been reborn in new proportions.

For the boys, we are all too familiar with the Loewe 24H Amazona Bag. They were some of the most gorgeous man bags in terms of proportion and design. Now Jonathan Anderson has introduced a new silhouette to this favourite classic. Being taller and more squarish, a proportion based on the 1975 trapezoidal silhouette of the original Amazona... these new Amazona 75 Extra Large Bag shows great promise to win over male fans!

With key characteristics of a light unstructured body, in suede or an embossed Anagram exterior encased with calf leather corner patches, they look sportier and more casual than their predecessor. A good bag to throw around in office or weekends... versatile and easy to mix and match. Love the all black anagram version... finally a repeated logo pattern that does not look offensively tacky. Love the new Loewe! Retails for SGD 4790.

Source: Loewe

Sunday, 7 September 2014

NEW! Montblanc Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Accessories

Below: For the first time, Montblanc will infuse their touch of luxury to some cool accessories for Samsung's New Galaxy Note 4! I love the e-Starwalker pen which will work some luxurious magic on your phone screens... 
NEW! Montblanc Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Accessories

When it comes to well designed luxury accessories, Apple’s iPhone have all the fun. Samsung mobile phone users while steadily increasing often find their accessories choices very limited. Thank goodness for Montblanc to tap into this neglected market and now they are offering sophisticated accessories to compliment the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Imagine using a Montblanc pen as your S-pen? That is truly the ultimate in combining luxury and style with technology. Montblanc is offering Samsung Galaxy Note 4 users a slice of their heritage and craftsmanship with their first ever, e-Starwalker pens. Cleverly designed for an interchangeable E-refill and analog ink refill, the new e-Starwalker pen (USD525) functions both for paper and screen. This is what I call keeping up with the times, and Montblanc shows great foresight to infuse their accessories with this edge. For existing Starwalker pen owners, fret not... you can just purchase the e-Refill (USD155) which is sold seperately and you can also work your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with luxury finesse!

As an alternative to the more pricey e-Starwalker pens, the Pix Pen comes at a lower price tag (USD350) but also feature an e-refill as well as black and blue ink.

Below: Besides pens, lookout for well crafted leather covers which adds that much needed sophistication to your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phones! I love the Meisterstück soft grain cover... beautiful:-)
Further to the pen accessories, Montblanc will also ensure your new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 be clad in a beautifully crafted leather cover... with options for the Meisterstück Soft Grain Cover (USD245) or the high performance Montblanc Extreme Leather Cover (USD245). Both of these covers feature a digital ID chip that when attached to the Galaxy Note 4, provides users access to exclusive downloadable Montblanc digital content. These add-ons include a Montblanc version of S Note featuring unique pen settings, cover and template, as well as a 3D effect ink home screen wallpaper and unlock effect.

No more excuse for Samsung phone users to settle for ill designed accessories now. Montblanc’s new Samsung phone accessories is the way to go!

The Samsung and Montblanc collection will be available at Montblanc stores beginning in October. For further information, visit www.montblanc.com.

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Source: Montblanc

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Document Case For Fall Winter 2014

Below: Still one of my favourite 'man clutches'... the Bottega Veneta Intrecciato VN Document case now gets better with contrasting colour stripes woven into the middle... The Edoardo Intrecciato Club Fumé Document Case (below) are a must have!
Below: Tired of the usual black or browns, these new Bottega Veneta Intrecciato VN Document case in Signal Blue and Aubergine is a nice way to spice up your winter colour choices!
 Below: A more professional looking design, the Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Vachette Document Case with a flap opening design is ideal for work!
Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Document Case For Fall Winter 2014

Portfolio bags or ‘man clutches’ are now a staple fashion accessory for the well dressed guy. Often paired with suiting styles... these handy and versatile bags are most ideal to hold all your belongings while not overwhelming your style. Often than not, they add to your look and has become an indispensible style statement in its own right.

Bottega Veneta has done a great job offering guys an functional and appealing option with their Intrecciato VN Document Case. Featuring their signature leather weave, these zip portfolio bags are sophisticated and a true testament to believers of  the brand’s philosophy ‘When your own initials are enough/. Individuality without blatant use of logos. It’s no wonder these are now a classic and favoured choice of savvy gentlemen time and again.

For Fall Winter 2014, the Intrecciato VN Document case (USD1080) can be found in bright tones of Signal Blue or winter appropriate Aubergine (Burgundy) colours... a nice break from the usual blacks, browns or navys. I especially love the aubergine colour, somehow the crimson hue is the ideal balance of being eye catching without overbearing.
Below: Bottega Veneta Intrecciato VN Document Case in action... perfect for sartorial styles!

But my excitement gets over the top when I spotted a new variant, the ‘Edoardo Intrecciato Club Fumé Document Case’ (USD1580) which cleverly introduces more colours thru contrasting coloured leather weave in the middle. I want these! I’d pick the burnt red/aubergine option as well as the green and brown version which are refreshing colour choices for guys.

Besides the VN Document case, I also love another of BV’s portfolio bag, the Intrecciato Vachette Document Case (USD1250) which features a flap closure and partial woven leather panel. If you are looking for something more suited for work, this is it! Most professional in black, they looked super smart for those power dressing days.

Source: The Sharp Gentlemen, Bottega Veneta