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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Ultimate Christmas Wishlist: Montblanc “Homage to Nicolas Rieussec Special Edition”

Below: The ultimate Christmas pampering... Montblanc “Homage to Nicolas Rieussec Special Edition” is a dream watch to own this festive season and beyond. Check out the very special invisible numerals on the hour circle that only appears when in the dark!
Montblanc “Homage to Nicolas Rieussec Special Edition”
 A New Interpretation of Rieussec’s Chronograph from 1821

Christmas is the season of celebration and joy. And what better way to usher in some joyous pampering than gifting yourself or a special someone with a brand new timepiece that combines innovation, luxury and timeless appeal this festive holiday. Let that piece of wrist embellishment be the talking point of any Christmas dinner with family or parties with friends.

Yes, watches are quintessential in speaking volumes of your arrival with taste and style.

For me, my dream Christmas indulgence this year comes from none other than the house of Montblanc. Time and again, their timepieces have exceeded my expectation and elevated my appreciation of a good time keeper. Taking my favourite Nicolas Rieussec design and reinterpreting it with even more features and innovations make Montblanc’s latest watch offering, Montblanc “Homage to Nicolas Rieussec Special Edition” a true watch connoisseurs’ dream come true.

Nicolas Rieussec’s first patented chronograph from 1821 bears an unmistakable appearance that combines an off-centre hour-circle in the upper part of the dial and the chronograph’s elapsed-time displays in the lower portion of the face. As a watchmaker to the French royal court, he invented this construction to precisely measure the running times of individual horses at a horserace.

We are all familiar with the current versions of Montblanc’s Nicolas Rieussec watches and this new interpretation now comes even more bells and whistles ready to impress you further.

The most distinct being the watch’s hour-circle bearing an exclusive Montblanc technology, the “Mysterious Superluminova” pigments which permeates the Arabic hour numerals that is a characteristic font of the Montblanc Rieussec collection. By doing so, the digits are invisible in daylight because they’re precisely embedded into the hour ring, with which they share exactly the same colour. But when the ambient light starts to dim, the luminous pigments that fill the numerals – as well as the Superluminova-filled hour-hand and minute-hand – begin to glow, thus assuring perfect legibility and simultaneously giving this watch its unique appearance. What’s not to love about clever innovations? Of course, do not forget the 18 karat rose gold case with anti-reflective sapphire crystal face, a self-winding mechanical manufacture Calibre MB R200 movement with double barrel that lasts an impressive 72 hours of continuous running... the list goes on and on.

Below: The transparent sapphire crystal of the caseback bears an engraving of the horse as well as the inscription “Paris, September 1821” highlighting the historical event on the month exactly 193 years ago from the launch on this special edition.

Limited to 30 pieces for rose gold and 100 pieces for stainless steel, I hope Santa Claus got my wishlist and deemed me worthy to receive such a luxurious gift. A guy’s gotta dream sometimes... who knows when dreams may come true:-P If all else fails, empty your bank accounts and head to Montblanc stores to secure your piece:-)

For further information, visit www.montblanc.com.

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Source: Montblanc

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Louis Vuitton Poche Documents In Damier Graphite

Below: After seeing this gentlemen spotting this handsome Louis Vuitton Poche Doucments in Damier Graphite Checks... I want one too! Great size and versatile for suited looks for events
and parties... (Streetstyle pic from Chris Smart)
Below: The Poche Documents range have since expanded from just Monogram canvas to include Epi leather and Damier graphite...

Louis Vuitton Poche Documents in Damier Graphite

There is a love hate relationship going on for me when it comes to monogram patterns. Obnoxious when done excessively, a magnet for counterfeiting but undeniably timeless when done right.

And speaking of monogram pattern, I am sure Louis Vuitton comes to the top of mind for many people. I have disliked the over flooding of their monogram bags in the brand’s prime days. Everyone carried their bags for the brand and not the style. It was all flash your cash with little taste. However, all is not lost for these patterns... when used with discretion, monogram prints can be a huge style statement.

In my opinion, monogram works best on small leather goods. And Louis Vuitton’s Poche Documents cases is a great sized bag to flaunt the pattern. An endearing design over the years, Louis Vuitton have since expanded their Poche Documents range from just Monogram Canvas(USD810) to include Damier Graphite Checks (USD1230) and Epi Leather (USD1360) variants.

Today, I was browsing online and found this amazing picture of this well dressed guy spotting a fantastic Poche Documents in Damier Canvas. It immediately got my attention. Loving the sizing (Measures 14.2” x 10.6” x 0.8”) and that extra exterior zipper detail that gives the man clutch an added modern touch. A gusset on one side allows for expansion should you have more things to carry. The timeless and versatile design matches up suited looks perfectly, any season of the year. Now I am tempted to get this as my Christmas gift this year! 

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Source: Louis Vuitton

Monday, 10 November 2014

Fendi Fall Winter 2014 Mens Backpack

Below: Backpacks are no longer reserved for school... Adult designs from many luxury brands are putting them under the fashion spotlight. This one from Fendi's Fall Winter 2014 mens collection gets all the right ticks... modern angular flap cover, interesting zipper details on the sides and masculine styling means it's a must have for the season! Especially cool when decorated with those cute bag bugs charm... Loving this nylon crocodile printed version:-)
Below: A more timeless alternative, albeit more pricey version is the Selleria leather options... gorgeous leather and well worth every penny!
Fendi Fall Winter 2014 Mens Backpack: Selleria Leather and Crocodile Printed Nylon

Fendi is currently my favourite bag brand, being on a roll generating great interest thru their bag bugs and Mens Peekaboo Tote. Everyone wants a piece of those decorative furry critters or the handsome uniquely designed bag. But beyond all the hype about these popular items, I am also loving some of the incredible men bag designs that came down their Fall Winter 2014 mens runway.

One such bag is the backpack with an angular edge flap cover, adorn with interesting zipper details on both sides. This is one modern backpack that puts luxury and functionality seamlessly together. The modernity of the piece also serves as a great ‘canvas’ to hang those lovely bag bugs charm and add a little humour to the very adult design. There is definitely no dispute being ‘high school kids’ when you are carrying this gorgeous backpack.

For timeless style, the Selleria leather version (Approx SGD2785 at Matches Fashion) are to die for. Or opt for the nylon crocodile print version for that added visual zest. I love the latter for the lighter weight as compared to the leather counterpart.

I want one! Backpack simply makes commuting so much easier:-) Will be perfect for my year end getaway after Christmas.

Source: Fendi